Tienen Formation

The information on this page is a summary description.
The full formal description is available here: Tienen Formation

Abbreviation Ti
Parent unit Landen Group
Child units Erquelines Member, Knokke Member, Loksbergen Member, Dormaal Member
Lithological description The continental-lagoonal unit mainly consists of lignitic clay and lignite, white sand, pale marl and shell beds. Locally silicified wood fragments, traces of roots and quartzites occur. Important fossil vertebrates have been found at Dormaal and Erquelinnes.
Age Late Thanetian (- Early Ypresian).
Thickness The maximum thickness is about 35 m.
Area of occurrence Outcrops are known in the Hesbaye and in Hainaut. The formation occurs in the subsurface in the northern part of West- and East-Flanders and in a part of northeastern Belgium with an extension to the Tienen-Landen.
Type locality
Alternative names
Authors Laga, P., Louwye S. & Geets, S.
Date 01/01/2001
Cite as Laga, P., Louwye S. & Geets, S., 2001. The Tienen Formation, 01/01/2001. National Commission for Stratigraphy Belgium. http://ncs.naturalsciences.be/lithostratigraphy/Tienen-Formation


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