Hooglede Sandstone Bed

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Abbreviation GeHg
Parent unit Pittem Member
Child units
Lithological description A pale yellowish brown, limonite stained, about 40 cm thick, cemented and originally shelly coarse‐grained sandstone layer; most shells have been dissolved and left large voids. Typically, numerous very coarse glauconite grains are dispersed across the sandstone and sometimes glauconite staining occurs in the dissolved shell voids. The fossils in the layer are bivalves, oysters, nautiloids and shark teeth; also phosphatic nodules are reported (Steurbaut, 2006). The sandstone bed overlies the Egem Member and underlies the Pittem Member. Because of its characteristic aspect, it is preferred to attribute a bed status to the stone bed. It has been named bed X in Steurbaut (1998, fig. 5), bed 22 in Steurbaut (1998) and Steurbaut et al. (2003, p34). It is proposed in this review to name the bed the Hooglede Sandstone Bed of the Pittem Member after Fobe (1997b).
Area of occurrence The bed occurs in the classical Ampe/Egem extraction pit – 053W0060 at Egem and is named bed 22 in the classical section of the pit published by Steurbaut (1998). Lithotratigraphically, the Egem Sandstone Bed has generally been considered as the base of the Pittem Member (a.o. Steurbaut, 2003) as several thin and fine‐grained sandstone beds also occur in the Pittem Member ; it was tentatively suggested to be a lateral equivalent of the Boisla‐ Haut Member by Steurbaut (1998) (reported also in Geets et al., 2000), although in Steurbaut (2011, fig.8 p 255) the Egem Sandstone Bed (X‐stone bed) is again included in the base of the Pittem Member.
Type locality The Ampe/Egem extraction pit – 053W0060 in Egem (Pittem) (mapsheet 21/1 Wingene x= 70.150, y= 190.150, z= +44m) between the Egem Member and the Pittem Member.
Alternative names
Authors Steurbaut, E., De Ceukelaire, M., Lanckacker, T., Matthijs, J., Stassen, P., Van Baelen, H. & Vandenberghe, N.
Date 09/01/2017
Cite as Steurbaut, E., De Ceukelaire, M., Lanckacker, T., Matthijs, J., Stassen, P., Van Baelen, H. & Vandenberghe, N., 2017. The Hooglede Sandstone Bed, 09/01/2017. National Commission for Stratigraphy Belgium. http://ncs.naturalsciences.be/lithostratigraphy/Hooglede-Sandstone-Bed


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