Kwartecht Member

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Abbreviation GeKw
Parent unit Gentbrugge Formation
Child units
Lithological description A layered complex of greenish glauconitic and micaceous bioturbated sand and sandy clays, without stone beds, originally indicated as the Kwatrecht Complex, has been described underlying the Merelbeke Member and overlying the Egem Member in the Gent area near Merelbeke by De Moor and Geets (1973, see In regional sections, the Kwatrecht Member is geometrically positioned between the Egem and Merelbeke Members by Steurbaut & Nolf (1986), Steurbaut (1991) and Willems & Moorkens (1991). Based on geometry and biostratigraphy the Kwatrecht Member has been related to the Hyon Formation by Vandenberghe et al. (2004). However more recently the Kwatrecht Complex is ranged in the Gentbrugge Formation by Steurbaut (2006, 2011).
Area of occurrence Original description by De Moor and Geets (1973) in the Gent area. Steurbaut (2006, p 79) has reported the presence of the Kwatrecht Member in the Zemst‐Weerde borehole (073E0359, Buffel at al., 2009); according to the description of this borehole in the present review (see Mont‐Panisel Member), the about 5 m clayey sand between the Mont‐Panisel Member and the Merelbeke Member, are meant as Kwatrecht Member by Steurbaut (2006). Consequently this Kwatrecht Member is now also recognised in the east of the Brabant province (boreholes Kerksken – 086E0340, Kattem – 087W0479, Meise – 073W0394, Merchtem ‐ 072E0229.see Mont‐Panisel Member).
Type locality The Gent area (Merelbeke) section as described by De Moor & Geets (1973). As data from this stratotype are not easily accessible, the 41‐46 m interval in the Zemst‐Weerde (073E0359) borehole could be considered as the parastratotype.
Alternative names
Authors Steurbaut, E., De Ceukelaire, M., Lanckacker, T., Matthijs, J., Stassen, P., Van Baelen, H. & Vandenberghe, N.
Date 09/01/2017
Cite as Steurbaut, E., De Ceukelaire, M., Lanckacker, T., Matthijs, J., Stassen, P., Van Baelen, H. & Vandenberghe, N., 2017. The Kwartecht Member, 09/01/2017. National Commission for Stratigraphy Belgium.


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