Hyon Formation

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Abbreviation Hy
Parent unit Ieper Group
Child units Egem Member, Bois-la-Haut Member, Mont-Panisel Member
Lithological description Fine sand, with dispersed clay or layers of clay, rich in galuconite and including sandstone layers and concretions.
Age Upper part of nannoplankton NP12 (Steurbaut,2006).
Area of occurrence The Egem Member of the Hyon Formation occurs over most of the provinces West and East Flanders and part of the Antwerp Campine whilst the Mont‐Panisel Member of the Hyon Formation occurs in the Brabant and Hainaut area where its thickness reaches maximum 25m (Steurbaut, 2006); further northwards the Mont‐Panisel Member is only locally preserved from erosion (Steurbaut, 2006). The lateral geometrical relationship between the two sandy Members had already been noticed in the classical lithostratigraphic paper by Steurbaut & Nolf (1986), in which the Mont‐Panisel Member was indicated as ‘Panisel Sand’. The relationship between the sand members has been interpreted in sequence stratigraphic reconstructions (Vandenberghe et al., 1998, 2004; Steurbaut, 2011). The introduction of the Hyon Formation arranges the position of the strata in the hills of Bois‐la‐Haut and Mont‐Panisel, located in the village of Hyon southeast of Mons (map figure 1 in Steurbaut & King, 1994), and which are at the origin of the former classic but now obsolete ‘Paniselian’ stage (Steurbaut, 2006). The problematic geometric position of the ‘Panisel sand’ in Brabant and in outliers in the Hainaut area, as it was demonstrated in Steurbaut & Nolf (1986), has been solved by the introduction of the Hyon Formation.
Type locality The section between 0 and 21,85m depth in the Mont‐Panisel borehole (151E0340) on the topographic sheet 45/7‐8 (Mons‐Givry) (x=122.300, y= 125.375, z= +102m). This location is an outlier and at this location the Egem Member does not occur.
Alternative names
Authors Steurbaut, E., De Ceukelaire, M., Lanckacker, T., Matthijs, J., Stassen, P., Van Baelen, H. & Vandenberghe, N.
Date 09/01/2017
Cite as Steurbaut, E., De Ceukelaire, M., Lanckacker, T., Matthijs, J., Stassen, P., Van Baelen, H. & Vandenberghe, N., 2017. The Hyon Formation, 09/01/2017. National Commission for Stratigraphy Belgium. http://ncs.naturalsciences.be/lithostratigraphy/Hyon-Formation


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