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The new Neogene lithostratigraphic descriptions have been accepted and are replacing those below. The new information will be gradually added and formatted on the website, the approved proposal can be consulted here (approved version 01/09/2023).


Revision Merkplas formation - accepted 062014
Pieter LAGA, Stephen LOUWYE & Stephane GEETS (compilers) Laga, P., Louwye, S. & Geets, S., 2001. Paleogene lithostratigraphic units (Belgium). In Bultynck & Dejonghe, eds. Guide to a revised stratigraphic scale of Belgium, Geologica Belgica, Brussels.
The presented lithostratigraphy of the Neogene deals only with the formal lithostratigraphic units of formation rank or higher (groups). The names of the lower rank units (members and beds) are just mentioned without description or other information. This lithostratigraphy corresponds largely with the legend of the new series of geological maps of Belgium - Flanders Region on scale 1:50.000, edited since 1993.
KEYWORDS: Neogene, lithostratigraphy, southern North Sea Basin, Belgium.
Neogene - revised lithostratigraphy accepted 062014
The authors thank the members of the National Subcommission for Tertiary Stratigraphy for their constructive contributions, which allowed the composition of this lithostratigraphic scheme. It should never have been possible to establish this lithostratigraphy without their continuous collaboration and common sense.