Maatheide Member

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Abbreviation MlMh
Parent unit Mol Formation
Child units
Lithological description The Maat Lignite Bed subdivides the Mol Formation into a Donk Member below the lignite and a Maatheide Member above the bed. Both sand units are pale grey to white quartz sand with an exceptionally high quartz content. The Maatheide Sand Member can occasionally be stained dark due to finely dispersed lignite. The Maatheide Member has a modal size generally above 250 µm in contrast with the underlying Donk Member which is somewhat finer grained (Gullentops & Vandenberghe, 1995). The Maatheide Member has a substantial size fraction 250 to 355 µm. It can contain some clayey-lignitic horizons such as the Russendorp lignite mapped on the Geological Map 17 Mol, west of the Reusel Fault and north of the Campine Canal (Russendorp sand pit). No macrofossils are present.
Age See LIS file Mol Formation for information on the age of this member.
Thickness Obviously the thickness depends on the depth of the Maat Lignite Bed, down warped by the normal faults. The thickness measured in the study by Vandenberghe et al. (2020) varies between 19 and 37 m.
Area of occurrence The Maatheide Member occurs east of the Rauw -1 Fault above the down warped Maat lignite Bed. On the geological maps, the Mol Formation, including the Maatheide Member, is conventionally limited in the east by the major Roer Valley Graben (RVG) western boundary fault of Reppel to the east of which occurs the quartz sand of the Kieseloolite Formation.
Type locality The 2 close to each other boreholes RUS 04/03 between 5 and 39 m and SCK3/Postel 2 (032W/0415;kb17d32w-B385) between 2 and 39 m depth, can be considered as reference boreholes for the Maatheide Member. RUS 04/03 is a continuously sampled pulsed borehole and has in addition gamma ray and resistivity logs and sediment analyses (Vandenberghe et al., 2020). Also in the Stevensvennen MHL03/01 (032W0460/GEO-03/071-B2) borehole the Maatheide Member section between 3,5 and 22,5 m is documented by geophysical well logs, cores and sediment analyses.
Alternative names
Authors Vandenberghe, N., Berwouts, I. & Vos, K.
Date 01/09/2023
Cite as Vandenberghe, N., Berwouts, I. & Vos, K., 2023. The Maatheide Member, 01/09/2023. National Commission for Stratigraphy Belgium.
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