Hoge Berg Facies

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Abbreviation KlHo
Parent unit Lichtaart Member
Child units
Lithological description The Hoge Berg Facies is a glauconite-poor facies of the Lichtaart Member (Kasterlee Formation). Its low glauconite content (4-5%) makes it distinct from the Oud-Turnhout Facies (30% glauconite). Also, an exceptional high content of hornblende in the heavy mineral fraction (55%) is reported in Lichtaart (TO-19990101B) (Gullentops & Huyghebaert, 1999). Other sedimentological characteristics of both facies are similar.
Age Dinoflagellate cyst biozone DN10 was identified in the Lichtaart Member, in the lateral Oud-Turnhout Facies (Rees borehole, 017E0399; kb8d17e-B495), attributing a late Tortonian to Messinian Miocene age to this member and its facies.
Thickness In the type area Herentals-Lichtaart-Kasterlee a thickness of about 15 m is interpreted in sections drafted by Laga and Gulinck (Laga, 1976) and confirmed by a CPT log interpretation (10-CPTE-138).
Area of occurrence The Hoge Berg Facies of the Lichtaart Member is found in the outcrop area of the Kasterlee Formation in the Lichtaart-Kasterlee hill ridge.
Type locality The occasional outcrops in the flanks of the hills between Herentals, Lichtaart and Kasterlee on the right bank of the Kleine Nete valley always expose the top part of the Kasterlee Formation. Therefore these outcrops are always part of the Hoge Berg Facies of the Lichtaart Member. They were selected as the type for the Kasterlee Formation in the Lithostratigraphic scale of Belgium (2001) although the lower part of the Formation was never exposed in the hill ridge.
Alternative names Formerly part of the at the time not yet subdivided Kasterlee Formation sensu De Meuter and Laga (1976) and Laga et al. (2001).
Authors Verhaegen, J. & Vandenberghe, N.
Date 01/09/2023
Cite as Verhaegen, J. & Vandenberghe, N., 2023. The Hoge Berg Facies, 01/09/2023. National Commission for Stratigraphy Belgium. http://ncs.naturalsciences.be/lithostratigraphy/Hoge-Berg-Facies
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