Kieseloolite Formation

The information on this page is a summary description.
The full formal description is available here: Kieseloolite Formation

Abbreviation Kz
Parent unit A group name for the white, pale grey quartz-enriched sand units of the Pliocene, eventually transitional to Pleistocene, including a.o. Kieseloolite, Mol, Merksplas …formations can be considered if sufficient sedimentological and mineralogical data become available to characterise individual formations, differentiating them from each other and at the same time showing their degree of relationship. At present no name is proposed for such an eventual group of white to pale-grey sand.
Child units Waubach Member, op-den-Berg Facies, Brunssum Member, Jagersborg Member
Lithological description
Area of occurrence
Type locality
Alternative names
Authors Vandenberghe, N., & Dusar, M.
Date 01/09/2023
Cite as Vandenberghe, N., & Dusar, M., 2023. The Kieseloolite Formation, 01/09/2023. National Commission for Stratigraphy Belgium.
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