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Welcome to the Subcommissions of the National Commission for Stratigraphy !

As the geological architecture of our country is variable depending on the area and on  the age of the rocks involved, the know-how of the details of each stratigraphic interval requires specialization. This specialization can be related to a particular structural insight as might be the case for example in the Caledonian massifs of Belgium,  related to the sedimentology of  specific rock types  such as chalks or limestones or related to the experience in particular fossil groups.

Therefore the National Commission for Stratigraphy is advised by several Subcommissions  representing specific stratigraphic time intervals. The precise time intervals covered by the several Subcommissions  might look arbitrary but they are the result of  practical considerations  and they have proven a satisfactory functionality for some decades now.

The subcommission are : Lower Paleozoic (Cambrian, Ordovician , Silurian) - Devonian - Carboniferous - Permian-Triassic-Jurassic -  Cretaceous - Paleogene-Neogene - Quaternary .