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Relating  the lithostratigraphic units to international chronostratigraphy, using biostratigraphic data and understanding Belgian stratigraphic schemes  into integrating  frames such as sequence stratigraphy, is one of the next objectives of the NCS.

NCS will bring these chronostratigraphic and sequence stratigraphic summaries for the whole Belgian stratigraphy on the website, based on the existing publications on this chronostratigraphic and sequence stratigraphic approach. A list of these main publications will appear on the website  under the heading of the subcommission. (Still under construction).

A tool for situating Belgian stratigraphic units to the international chronostratigraphic chart  and time scale  is TS Creator. Belgian stratigraphers have access to TS Creator Pro(for information contact

An overview of the significance of the Belgian Stratigraphy  for the international chronostratigraphic history  has been published in  Geologica Belgica:

Dejonghe, L. (ed.) 2006. Chronostratigraphic units named from Belgium and adjacent areas. Geologica Belgica Vol 9 1-2  225p.