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4.2.5. De Panne Member v 15012016

5. De Panne Member

Authors: Based on the work of Depuydt (1972) Gullentops et al. (2001) introduced the De Panne Member as part of the Hechtel Formation.

Description: Yellow grey to grey medium to fine sand with peaty layers (Lebbe & De Ceunynick, 1980; De Ceunynck, 1984) and pale yellow medium sand, sometimes with humic intercalations and/or fine layers composed of shell remains. The stratification is characterized by variable dip angles.

Stratotype: The Panne area

Area: Coastal plain.

Thickness: From a few meters up to more than 7 meters.

Age: Holocene

Remarks: Gullentops et al. (2001) incorporated De Panne Member as part of the marine and estuarine deposits, although in the stratigraphic table the Member is part of aeolian deposits of the Hechtel Formation.