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Authors: P. Haesaerts, S. Pirson & E. Meijs - 07/12/2011

Description: This sequence starts with reworked loess, sandy loess and fine sand wearing locally the Wolder Podsol (Meijs, 2002; see Fig. Z). Higher up, loess-accumulation predominates, becoming more homogeneous. The upper part is affected by pedogenesis of the Montenaken pedocomplex of Luvisol type (Meijs, 2002; see Fig. Z).

Stratotype: Western bank of the Albert canal near Kesselt (50°50'35''N / 5°38'10''E); Riemst is a village west of Kesselt.


- Eben-Emael (western wall of the CBR chalk quarry at Romont; 50°47'27''N / 5°38'37''E).

Area: East Middle Belgium, on plateau and slopes.

Age: Middle Pleistocene.

Remarks: Synonym: D-loess of Meijs (2002). Equivalent to part of the Hainaut Member sensu Gullentops et al. (2001) (Fig. Y).