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Authors: P. Haesaerts, S. Pirson & E. Meijs - 07/12/2011

Description: Loess, reworked loess, sandy loess and fine sand. This member is present on top of the Dousberg pedocomplex which develops on the alluvium of the Rothem Terrace (see Meijs, 2002). The upper part is wearing the Pottenberg pedocomplex of Luvisol type (Meijs, 2002; see Fig. Z).

Stratotype: Western bank of the Albert canal near Kesselt (50°50'25-38''N / 5°38'10-12''E), in front of the ancient Op de Schans Vandersanden brickyard quarry lying on the eastern side of the Albert-Canal.


- Eben-Emael (western wall of CBR chalk quarry at Romont; 50°47'27''N / 5°38'37''E).

Area: East Middle Belgium, on plateau and slopes.

Age: Middle Pleistocene.

Remarks: Synonym: E-loess of Meijs (2002). Equivalent to part of the Hainaut Member sensu Gullentops et al. (2001) (Fig. Y).