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Authors: Tavernier & De Moor, 1974.

Description: This unit is dominantly sandy with clayey and loamy layers or gravel laminae, sometimes with peaty intercalations. Within the sand clay pebbles, vegetation remains, reworked tertiary shells and Quaternary fresh water and land shells are present. It shows several levels with ice- and frost wedges. Upward the unit evolves into fine sand deposited in shallow gullies or becomes loamy, with a thickness mostly limited to 3m. (Sifferdok Bed, Tavernier & De Moor, 1974).

Stratotype: Eke (De Moor, 1974), Zemst - Bos van Aa (Bogemans, 1993 - Lembeke Member).

Area: Schelde basin.

Thickness: From 5 to 20m.

Age: Upper Pleistocene, Weichselian.