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2.6 Keuper Formation

Authors: Stainier, 1943;  Legrand ,  1961;  Legrand  in Delmer, 1963; Langenaeker, 2000; van Adrichem Boogaert & Kouwe, 1993.

Description: Restricted lagoonal deposit, composed of variegated mudstone alternating with clayey dolomites , with anhydrite and gypsum beds and nodules ; base more sandy. Carbonates as in the Muschelkalk, are almost completely  absent.

Boundaries : top: disconformably covered by Steen Formation; base: overlying Muschelkalk Formation.

Stratotype: Parastratotype in Belgium: well KB99 Neeroeteren.

Area: Roer Valley Graben ; removed by erosion from Campine Basin.

Thickness: 86 m .

Age: Middle (- Upper?) Triassic, Ladinian (- Norian?).