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1.2.1 Lower Member

Author: Renier, 1902.

Description: At the base a breccia with quartzitic clasts, overlaid by an alternation of micro - conglomeratic sandstone lenses, flags and lenticular conglomerates with well - rounded clasts. Size of clasts: up to 60 cm.

Reference outcrop area: S slope of the Warche valley (about 400 m contour line), about 1 km N of Chôdes.

Area: Malmédy, Stavelot.

Thickness: About 60 m in the Malmédy area and 15 m in the Stavelot area.

Remarks: In the Malmédy-Bevercé area, the Lower Mbr rests with an angular unconformity upon Cambro-Ordovician rocks (Revin and Salm Groups). Volcanic ash deposits are mentioned from the Lower Mbr by Vandenven (1991).