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2.4. Kattendijk Formation - Kd


Authors: De Meuter & Laga (1976) after de Heinzelin (1955c).

Description: dark grey to green grey, fine to medium fine, glauconitic sand, slightly clayey; sometimes mottled by tracks, locally with an important amount of Ditrupa; shells dispersed in the sand and concentrated in one or more layers; basal gravel of rounded quartz and flints, together with sharks teeth, phosphatic nodules and rounded bones.

Stratotype: the outcrop of the Verbindingsdok, described in detail by Cogels (1874), between - 4.8 m and 1.0 m.

Area: region of Antwerp, the northern part of the Antwerp Campine and very probably the "Land van Waas".

Thickness: 7.5 m at the outcrop; 12.5 m in boreholes near the type locality. In the Campine area the thickness of this formation above the Diest Formation is very reduced (5 m, max. 10m).

Age: Early Pliocene.

Remarks: the formation is also discussed by de Cogels (1874), Halet (1931), de Heinzelin & Glibert (1957).