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2.2.3. Hainin Formation - Ha

Authors: Le Hardy de Beaulieu (1861), Robaszynski (1988c).

Description: the sediments are from lacustrine - continental origin and consist of lime-stones, grey and white marls, black clays and lignites, and some sands. They rest in the Mons region on the limestones of the Mons Fm.

Stratotype: outcrop along the railroad from Mons to Quiévrain, between Boussu and Thulin. Sheet 45/5-6 (Quiévrain - Saint-Ghislain). The borehole HA1 (1970) near the outcrop penetrated about 30 m of the Hainin Fm. Co-ordinates: x = 107.25, y = 124.89, z = +26 m.

Area: the formation is known in outcrops and boreholes in the region of Hainin and St.-Ghislain (western part of the Mons Basin), and only in boreholes in the region of Mons and Ghlin.

Members: the formation is not subdivided into members.

Thickness: approximately 30 m.

Age: Early Selandian.

Remarks: the formation is also discussed by Godfriaux & Thaler (1972), Godfriaux & Robaszynski (1974), Maréchal (1993), Robaszynski (1978), Rutot (1886) and Steur-baut (1998).