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The name was mentioned for the first time in Van Staalduinen et al. (1979, p. 25, 29) and is described in the NAM-RGD Nomenclator (1980, p. 51-52). Veldhoven is a municipality south of Eindhoven in The Netherlands.

General characteristics

The Veldhoven Member consists of grey-green clay. A study of the Chattian deposits in the euregion The Netherlands - Belgium - Germany by Hager et al (1998) shows that clayey deposits occur in the graben and thus north of the Grote Brogel fault. The clays are interpreted as deltaic deposits, while the glauconitic sands have a marine origin. The interpretation of the Asten-2 well in the latter study, compared with an interpretation of the same well by Van Adrichem Boogaert & Kouwe (1993), indi-cates that the clay unit 1 in Molenbeersel (see fig. 4 in Hager et al., 1998) can be re-garded as the Veldhoven Member sensu Van Adrichem Boogaert & Kouwe (1993).


The Veldhoven Member does not crop out, and is only recorded in the subsurface north of the Grote-Brogel - Heerleheide faults.


The Veldhoven Member is in Belgium rather silty and the unit was until now only encountered in wells in North East Limburg. The reference section in the Dutch well Veldhoven-1 (NAM-RGD, 1980, p. 51, encl. 32) can be used as a stratotype.

Former designations

None in Belgium