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2.1.1. Houthem Formation - Ho

Complementary data (M. Dusar, 2011): In the Geologica Belgica volume with the lithostratigraphic scale of Belgium, the Houthem Formation is described as part of the Paleogene Haspengouw Group (Laga, Louwye & Geets, 2001, p. 138). This assignment does not take into account that in boreholes it is very difficult to distinguish the Houthem calcarenites from the underlying Maastricht calcarenites. Lithological arguments should prevail on paleontological arguments and therefore the Houthem Formation should be included in the Chalk Group, as has been done in the Netherlands and the North Sea Basin.

Acknowledgements (DL): The subsurface mapping of the Cretaceous in Flanders is financed by ALBON the Natural Resouces Service of the Land and Soil protection, Subsoil, Natural Resources Division of the Flemish Community.

Further information on the Houthem Formation can be found under the Cretaceous subcommission.