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2.10.2. Sint-Huibrechts-Hern Formation - Sh

Author: Laga (1988a).

Description: this marine (epicontinental) deposit starts with glauconiferous and micaceous, more or less clayey, fine sands, locally very fossiliferous. It is covered by finely laminated glauconiferous sand, passing into white homogeneous sand; at the base occurs a hardened and oxidized shell layer.

Stratotype: stratotypes have only been designated for the members.

Area: the formation is found in the eastern part of Belgium, east of the Dijle Valley and till the north of Limburg, with some outliers between the Zenne and the Dijle Valleys, especially on the hilltops, southeast and east of Brussels.

Thickness: approximately 25-30 m.

Members: the formation is subdivided into the Grimmertingen Mbr and the Neerrepen Mbr.

Age: Early Oligocene.

Remarks: the formation is also discussed by Buurman & Langenaar (1975), Dumont (1849b), Glibert & De Heinzelin (1954a), Macar & Gulinck (1947), Maréchal (1993), Ortlieb & Dollfuss (1873) and Van Den Broeck (1883a).