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7.2 Warinsart Formation - WAS (old: Rv5)

Author: Beugnies, 1960.
Description: Subdivided into three members: the unnamed lower member (old: Rv5a): black fine-grained slate; the unnamed middle member (old: Rv5b): some thick bedded grey quartzite beds; the unnamed upper member (old: Rv5c): black fine-grained slate alternating with thin beds of quartzite (Beugnies, 1960).
Stratotype: not yet defined; type area in the sections along the railway Namur-Arlon, west of the Bois de Warinsart.
Area: Serpont Massif.
Thickness: upper mbr: 150 m, middle mbr: 20 m, lower mbr: 600 m (Beugnies, 1960).
Age: No palaeontological data collected; this formation is correlated by Beugnies (1960) on lithological grounds with the upper part of the Revin Group and the lower part of the Salm Group. However, Geukens and Richter (1962) restrict the entire formation to only the Revin Group.