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7.1 Serpont Formation - SRP (old: Rv4)

Author: Beugnies, 1960.
Description: Black coarse-grained slate and silty slate (called “quartzophyllade” in the older literature), very rich in ilmenite and chloritoid crystals (small to 4 mm in size); the base of the unit is not observed (Beugnies, 1960).
Stratotype: not yet defined; type area in the outcrops along the N89 (Saint-Hubert -Recogne).
Area: Serpont Massif.
Thickness: at least 250 m (Beugnies, 1960).
Age: No palaeontological data collected; Geukens and Richter (1962) place this formation partly as an equivalent of the Salm Group.