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4.2.3 La Gleize Formation - GLE (old: Rv5)

Author: Geukens, 1999.

Description: In the north: black slate and silty slate (called “quartzophyllade” in the older literature); the upper part contains sometimes dolomite nodules with cone-in-cone structures; the lower part bluish-black slate with thick laminations. Some acid intrusions and lava flows can occur. In the south: graphitic slate occurs at Hebronval.

Stratotype: Not yet defined; type area in the Amblève valley, along the railway section east of the abandoned station of La Gleize.

Area: Stavelot Massif.

Thickness: In the north: 300 m; in the south: unknown.

Age: Late Cambrian based on acritarchs (Vanguestaine, 1974).