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4.1.1 Hour Formation - HUR (old: Dva)

Author: after Geukens, 1999.

Description: Thick beds of light coloured to light greenish quartzite and green slate. The white sandstone is locally altered into a reddened sandstone.

Stratotype: outcrop in the Rocher de Hourt along the road N28 between Trois-Ponts and Vielsalm.

Area: In two anticlinal structures (Grand-Halleux and Ligneuville) in the southern part of the Stavelot Massif.

Thickness: >150 m.

Age: Due to the absence of macrofossils and acritarchs in the formation, a possible Neoproterozoic to Early Cambrian age is tentatively proposed (Mortelmans, 1977; Vanguestaine, 1992).