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3.2.8 Longues Royes Formation - LGR


Authors: Delcambre & Pingot, in press b.

Description: Green silty shale and micaceous siltstone including a few darker beds; the amount of micaceous siltstones increases towards the top; lower boundary not observed, upper boundary with the Montcheret Fm.

Stratotype: outcrops along the Ri d'Acoz valley, south of Bouffioulx, Charleroi.

Area: In the western part of the Condroz inlier along the Ri d'Acoz valley, in a part supposed to belong to the para-autochtonous northern part of the Condroz inlier.

Thickness: Poorly known, at least 150-180 m (if section is not faulted).

Age: Ludlow and/or Pridoli, based on spores (Steemans, unpublished data in Delcambre & Pingot, in press b).

(B. DELCAMBRE and J.L. Pingot)