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3.2.2 Criptia Group - CRI

Authors: Michot, 1928; Delcambre & Pingot, in press c.

Description: A group for a thick unit of shale and silty shale, homogeneous with various colours (greenish, grey, ochre) and a stratification difficult to distinguish. In the group a green to greenish grey soft shale unit can be differentiated. The Génicot Fm is supposed to be the underlying unit. The covering unit is a more silty and darker coloured unnamed shale unit.

Stratotype: not defined yet; area between the city of Fosses and the village Sart-Eustache.

Area: Puagne-Sart-Eustache area; in the southern structural unit, western part of the Condroz inlier (Puagne point structural area).

Thickness: Unknown, tentatively estimated at several hundred meters.

Age: Without fossils, a late Llandovery or possibly Wenlock to early Ludlow age is tentatively postulated.

Remarks: Synonymy: The unit was already described as "Schistes de Criptia" by Michot (1928).

(B. DELCAMBRE and J. L. Pingot)