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3.1.1 Chevlipont Formation - CHV

Authors: Anthoine & Anthoine, 1943; Graulich, 1961; Martin, 1969a.

Description: Dark grey laminated shale, siltstone and sandstone (“quartzophyllades” in the older literature).

Stratotype: see above at 2.3.1.

Area: Condroz inlier, only in the Wépion borehole (216 to 423,90 m).

Thickness: >140 m.

Age: Graptolites in the Wépion borehole indicate the lower Tremadoc Rhabdinopora (Dictyonemaflabelliforme aff. norvegica biozone (Graulich, 1961); the rich acritarch assemblage is typical for the Tremadoc (MARTIN, 1969a).

Remarks: Synonym: “Assise de Wépion” Martin (1969a); the toponym for the name Assise de Wépion, proposed by Martin (1969a) after Graulich (1961), had already been used earlier for the "Grès de Wépion", an Emsian formation (Gosselet, 1888; Godefroid et al., 1994).