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2.5.9 Steenkerque Formation - STK


Authors: Doremus & Hennebert, 1995.

Description: Cleaved mudstone and siltstone, dark grey when unweathered, frequently altered in light beige or brownish beige. Millimetric interbeds of fine sandstone or coarse siltstone are rare and mostly absent.

Stratotype: Senne valley, village of Steenkerque, outcrops less than 100 m south-east and north-east of the church.

Area: Brabant Massif, outcrop area: Senne and Sennette valleys.

Thickness: Between 290 and 380 m.

Age: Based on chitinozoans: Cingulochitina cingulata global biozone (Verniers, pers. comm. in Doremus & Hennebert, 1995), mid Sheinwoodian to early Homerian (mid to late Wenlock) in age.