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2.5.16 Bellegem Formation - BLG

Author: Van Grootel, 1990 ms.

Description: Dark to medium grey mostly shale and mudstone (compact bedded), also siltstone and fine sandstone (laminated or obliquely stratified), deposited as distal turbidites and less frequently as laminated hemipelagites; the decimetric sequences are most frequently (81%) Tde, with a mean thickness of 19 cm, less frequently (7%) Tcde and 12% Tbc(d)e; telson fragments of the Archaeostraca crustacean Ceratocaris sp. are not rare; characteristic is the bioturbation of the Te divisions, not present in the presumably underlying Ronquières Fm and the absence of the pyrite hemispheres often present in lower units.

Stratotype: borehole in Bellegem, south of Kortrijk, (BGS N° 97E865 and 97E874).

Area: Only in the subsurface of the SW part of the Brabant Massif.

Thickness: At least 24 m.

Age: Based on the chitinozoans (E. lagenomorpha and B. lauensis): uppermost Gorstian and lower Ludfordian (Ludlow) (Van Grootel, 1990 ms).