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Lithostratigraphic Nomenclature


The current main objective of the NCS is to establish a lithostratigraphic definition and nomenclature electronic reference website.  This lithostratigraphy website is continuously updated and is the official reference for the use of lithostratigraphic  definitions and nomenclature.

The starting point of the present official lithostratigraphy is the  Lithostratigraphic scale of Belgium  2001 edited for NCS by Pierre Bultynck & Léon Dejonghe  and published by Geologica Belgica as volume  4 1-2 .

Bultynck, P. & Dejonghe, L., (eds) 2001. Lithostratigraphic scale of Belgium . geologica Belgica  Vol 4 1-2  , 168p.

In this scale the Belgian lithostratigraphy was officialized  for the first time since the international introduction of the Hedberg subdivision system  and nomenclature rules  published for ICS in 1976.

Hedberg H. D., 1976, International stratigraphic guide. Wiley.

In the 2001 Geologica Belgica volume the lithostratigraphy was described at the Formation level. This remains the primary goal of the NCS for the moment but gradually in the future  the lithostratigraphy should become worked out at the  Member level as well. Some subcommissions have already a semi-official Member nomenclature in use.

Proposals for modifications or additions  to the lithostratigraphy can be submitted to the relevant subcommission (for contact coordinates see Organisation and Board of NCS section) and after discussion the subcommissions can make a proposition to the NCS board.

Details of this procedure can be found under the section Procedures Lithostratigraphy.

Once accepted by the NCS board the modifications or additions are inserted on the website in the  Lithostratigraphy under the subcommission heading. The authors  and the date of insertion of the modification or addition are listed between brackets after each such lithostratigraphic unit .  Referring to  these modified or added units  can be done as follows:

"<Author(s)>, <insertion date>, <name of the unit>,"

 The present status of the lithostratigraphy as described above  is organized  per subcommission.


To find a lithostratigraphic unit, you can use the list of all formation names. In this list you will find a link to the related subcommission.