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The National Commission for Stratigraphy  in Belgium  is formally installed by the National Committee for Geological Sciences which depends on the National Academy of Sciences of Belgium.

The  National Scientific Committees, like the National Committee for Geological Sciences (NCGW-CNSG), are organised by the ‘Klasse der Wetenschappen’ and the ‘Classe des Sciences ‘of the two Royal Academies, which are both national members of International Council  of Scientific Unions (ICSU). A national committee like NCGW-CNSG can be organised on condition  that in the scientific field of this committee an international scientific union is a member of ICSU; in our field of geology the IUGS is such international scientific union.

The National Commission for Stratigraphy  has the task to organize the stratigraphic nomenclature  of the Belgian geology according to international standards and conventions. The National Commission for Stratigraphy  therefore  works in close cooperation with the International Commission on Stratigraphy  which is installed by the International Union of Geological Sciences. Furthermore the National Commission for Stratigraphy  promotes  the collaboration between all geoscientists involved in the Belgian stratigraphy and the Commission can take initiatives to improve the understanding of stratigraphy  within the geoscience community.

In the present stage the NCS has as primary objective the development of a  lithostratigraphic nomenclature , now at the formation level and gradually working to the member level. This nomenclature needs to be the reference for the use of stratigraphic terms in the regional geological databases  Databank Ondergrond Vlaanderen and the Carte géologique de Wallonie.

Developing stratigraphic nomenclature is an  iterative exercise. On the one hand stratigraphic subdivisions orient mapping and diverse other geological studies, and  on the other hand stratigraphy can obly be built up by mapping and geological studies. Therefore a close cooperation is required between the National Stratigraphic Commission and the mapping teams,  the regional authorities for natural resource management  and geoscientists in general. This concern is reflected in the composition of the National Commission for Stratigraphy  and in its procedures.

Detailed research and correlations to the chronostratigraphy will be made later.

The NCS also wants to promote international cooperation and coherency in nomenclature across national boundaries.

The internal organization of NCS is explained in Organisation and Board  of NCS  where also the contact coordinates of all board members  can be found.

Looking for a specific lithostratigraphic unit ?  If the relevant subcommission is known  proceed directly to the subcommission, if not go to the alphabetically organized  List  section under Lithostratigraphy .


You can also find the meeting reports of the NCS at the page of the subcommissions.