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4.2.2. Senzeille Formation - SEN

Authors: Gosselet, 1877, 1880b; Sartenaer, 1960.
Description: Greenish, argillaceous shales, with thin interbedded sandstone or limestone layers.
Stratotype:  Senzeille, former railway trench, south of the former railway station.
Area:  Namur and Dinant Synclinoria.
Thickness: ±40 m in the Namur Synclinorium; 150 m at the southern margin of the Dinant Synclinorium.
Age: Lower Famennian (Fa1a).  Palmatolepis triangularis conodont zones.  Brachiopod succession: Pampoecilorhynchus lecomptei, Eoparaphorhynchus triaequalis praetriaequalis, E. triaequalis triaequalis, Tenuisinurostrum crenulatum, Evanescirostrum. lentiformis, Ptychomaletaechia omaliusi.
Remarks:  See comment in the Famenne Grp section concerning the validity of the concept of Senzeille Fm.
Senzeille is sometimes written in the literature with a s, sometimes without s.  After the Royal Decree of the 23th of December 1963, the word must be written without s.