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4.2.17. Samme Formation - SAM

Authors:Doremus & Hennebert, 1995.
Description: The Samme Fm is subdivided into three members, respectively from bottom to top :
1.     the Bois de La Rocq Mbr : conglomerates, red and green sandstones, red shales to the bottom; sandstones with dolomitic cement to the top;
2.     the Feluy Mbr : mainly limestones, sometimes oolitic, dolostones and less abundant sandstones;
3.     and the Mévergnies Mbr : sandstones , often dolomitic, with shaly intercalations.
Stratotype:Samme valley.
Area: western part of the northern limb of the Namur Synclinorium.
Thickness: 65 to 100 m.
Age: Bois de La Rocq Mbr: Strunian; upper part, Hastarian.  Feluy and Mévergnies Mbrs: Hastarian.