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4.2.16. Dolhain Formation - DOL

Authors: Laloux et al., 1996.
Description: The Dolhain Fm is characterized by 3 biostromal carbonate units, rich in fossils, interbedded within olive green micaceous shales and siltstones with thin sandy laminae.  The uppermost biostrome is the thickest and contain abundant stromatoporoids (lamellar and globular), rugose corals (Palaeosmillia aquisgranensis, Campophyllum flexuosum) and tabular corals (Syringopora, Yavorskia).
Stratotype: Dolhain area, especially the section of the Trauty street at Dison.
Area: Vesdre Nappe, Theux Window.
Thickness: Total thickness : 30-40 m.  The lowermost biostrome is ± 0.5 m thick; the middle biostrome, ± 2 m thick; the uppermost biostrome, 20-25 m thick.
Age: Uppermost Famennian (Strunian, foram Df3 subzone).