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4.2.13. Beverire Formation - BEV

Authors: Thorez et al., 1977, 1978; Thorez & Dreesen, 1986.
Description: The Beverire Fm faces but overlap somewhat both the Montfort and Evieux Fms within a southern, more offshore, position.  This formation appears to have been deposited as a rhythmically organized succession of high-interdital to supratidal sediments.  Most of the limestones are micritic.
Area: The Beverire Fm is well developed in the southern part of the Ourthe valley and seems to be restricted to this area.
Stratotype: old quarries at Comblain-au-Pont, left bank of the Ourthe river.  These are however either banked up or in a private property.
Thickness: ±90 m in the stratotype area.
Age: Upper (Fa2c) to Uppermost (Fa2d) Famennian.  Upper P. styriacus, lower to middle B. costatus and P. expansa conodont zones.