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3.2.9. Philippeville Formation - PHV

Authors: Boulvain, Coen & Coen-Aubert, 1993, 1999d.
Description: The lower part comprises dark thin-bedded limestones with some reef lentils; the upper part consists of a thick-bedded biostromal unit with stromatoporoids and massif colonial rugose corals near the top. In some localities the limestones are affected by dolomitisation.
Stratotypes: Road section Charleroi-Couvin, immediately south of Philippeville, north of Km-stone 79; the biostromal unit is better exposed in the northern Neuville railway section, south-west of Neuville.
Area: Philippeville Anticlinorium, Avesnois area (north-eastern France), and south-eastern border of the Dinant Synclinorium between Nettinne and Sy.
Age:Middle Frasnian; probably from the lower part of the hassi sl conodont Zone into the lower part of the Lower rhenana Zone (Coen, 1977; Gouwy & Bultynck, 2000).