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3.2.8. Pont de la Folle Formation - FOL

Version: revised December 2009, V. Dumoulin and M. Coen-Aubert
Authors: Boulvain, Coen & Coen-Aubert, 1993, 1999c.
Description: The lower part corresponding to the La Fontaine Samart Mbr, consists of a biostromal unit with stromatactis, stromatoporoids and tabulate corals overlain by dark bedded limestones. The overlying Machenées Mbr consists of nodular shales and nodular limestones in the lower and middle parts and of shale in the upper part. In some areas from the western part of the Entre-Sambre-et-Meuse, the Pont de la Folle Formation starts with a thick level of dolomites which corresponds to the Brayelles Mbr capped by bedded and often reefal limestones belonging to the top of the Fontaine Samart Mbr. The Brayelles Mbr has been defined by Dumoulin & Marion (1997, p. 11) and Dumoulin (2001, pp. 16-20); it was already mentioned by Boulvain et al. (1999, p. 67).
Stratotype:Road section Charleroi-Couvin, immediately south of Philippeville.
Area: Northwestern part of the Dinant Synclinorium.
Thickness: 90 m in the type area.
Age: Early to middle Frasnian; from upper part of transitans into lower par of hassi sl conodont Zones (Coen, 1977).