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3.2.5. Valisettes Formation - VAL

Authors: Mourlon & Bayet, 1902: Fr2; Boulvain, Coen & Coen-Aubert, 1993, 1999b.
Description: Fine dark-grey, greenish and violet shales with a few thin limestone beds at the base. The shales become nodular in the vicinity of locally developing reddish-pinkish limestone mounds belonging to the Petit-Mont Mbr (see Neuville Fm).
Stratotype: Southern Neuvillerailway cut.
Area:Typically developed in the Philippeville Massif; it also occurs locally, with reduced thickness, on the southern border (Nismes) and the south-eastern border (Barvaux area) of the Dinant Synclinorium.
Thickness: At least 90 m in the type area.
Age:Late Frasnian, the Upper rhenana conodont Zone starts close
to the base of the formation (Coen & Coen-Aubert, 1976; Bultynck et al., 1998).