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3.2.16. Huccorgne Formation - HUC

Authors: Coen-Aubert & Lacroix, 1985, 1999d.
Description:The lower part, Biénonsart Member, consists of dark bioclastic bedded coral limestones; the overlaying Robiewez Mbr is a thin bedded light-grey micritic limestone, often dolomitic; the Mehaigne Mbr consists chiefly of dark bedded limestones with stromatoporoid and colonial rugose corals.
Stratotypes: different outcrops east of Huccorgne.
Area: Eastern part of the northern border of the Namur Synclinorium.
Thickness: about 75 m in the type area.
Age: Middle Frasnian, probably lower part of hassi sl conodont Zone to early rhenana Zone (Coen-Aubert & Lacroix, 1999).