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3.2.15. Rhisnes Formation - RHI

Authors: Malaise, 1902; Lacroix, 1999c.
Description:Consists mainly of a nodular brachiopod limestone, dolomitized at some levels. In some localities the middle part either consists of bedded bioclastic limestones overlaid by coral and stromatoporoid beds or of black micritic limestones.
Type areas:Sennette Valley north of Ecaussinnes and Samme Valley north-east of Feluy. Because of the discontinuous nature of the exposures a formal stratotype cannot be designated.
Area: Central and western part of the northern border of the Namur Synclinorium.
Thickness: About 60 to 90 m.
Age: Middle Frasnian, laterally equivalent to the Huccorngne Fm (Lacroix, 1999).