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3.2.12. Aisemont Formation - AIS

Authors: Graulich, 1961; Lacroix, 1974, 1999a.
Description: The lower part consists of bedded argillaceous limestones with massif colonial rugose corals; the middle part is made up by nodular shales and shales; the upper part consists of dolostones or locally of limestones with algae, massif colonial rugose corals, stromatoporoids, tabulate corals and bryozoans.
Area: Southern border of the Namur Synclinorium, eastern part of the northern border of the same synclinorium, northern border of the Dinant Synclinorium, Remouchamps area and in the Vesdre Nappe.
Thickness: about 22 m in the type area.
Age: Late Frasnian, within the Lower and lowest part of the Upper rhenana conodont Zones (Coen-Aubert & Lacroix, 1979 and 1985).