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2.2.16. Vicht Formation - VIC

Authors: Holzapfel, 1910; Dejonghe, Hance & Steemans, 1991a.
Descriptions: Alternating thick bedded reddish conglomerates, sandstones and siltstones with rare shaly intercalations.
Stratotype: VichtValleyat Vicht near Stolberg (Germany).
Hypostratotype: Eupen, bottom of the Helle river.
Area: Vesdre Nappe.
Thickness: about 80m at Vicht, about 20m at Eupen and 6m at Fraipont.
Age: Eifelian; spores from a level near the middle part of the formation in Eupen are assigned to the AD assemblage Zone (Hance et al., 1992).