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2.2.14. Le Roux Formation - ROU

Authors: de Dorlodot, 1893; Lacroix, 1974; Coen-Aubert, 1991c.
Description: The lower part consists of alternating shales and argillaceous sandstones; the middle part is composed of sandy limestone overlaid by micritic dolomites; the upper part consists of dark micritic limestones with a few intercalations of shales and micritic dolomites.
Stratotype: Fosses-la-Ville (Aisemont), road cut at the southern corner of the Moreau quarry.
Area: Northern flank of the Dinant Synclinorium; southern flank of the Namur Syncline between Presles and the Meuse and Vesdre Nappe.
Thickness: About 30m in the stratotype section on the southern flank of the Namur Syncline, where the thickness decreases to the east and the formation disappears east of the Meuse. On the northern flank of the Dinant Synclinorium the thickness varies between 22 and about 40m, in the Vesdre Nappe between 16 and 85m.
Age: Middle to late Givetian; the Roux Fm is a northern lateral equivalent of the Fromelennes Formation (Coen-Aubert, 1991).