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2.2.13. Névremont Formation - NEV

Authors: Lacroix, 1974, 1991a; Coen-Aubert, 2000.
Description:The lower part consists of alternating shales and micritic or fine bioclastic limestones with solitary and colonial rugose corals and more rare tabulates and brachiopods. The upper part is composed essentially of dolomitic limestones with stromatoporoids and rugose corals. The uppermost part consists of nodular limestones.
Stratotype: Fosses-la-Ville (Aisemont), section along the disused railway, 200m east of the former railway station of Aisemont between km 6.1 and 6.2.
Area: Northern flank of the Dinant Synclinorium, southern flank of the Namur Syncline, south-eastern flank of the Dinant Synclinorium north of the Xhoris Fault and in some parts of the Vesdre Nappe.
Thickness: About 70m in the stratotype section in the central part of the southern flank of the Namur Syncline, the thickness decreases to the east.
Age: Early Givetian, conodont data are scarce and the formation most likely belongs to the timorensis and rhenanus/varcus Zones (= Lower varcus Zone) (Bultynck et al., 2000).
Remarks: See Rivière Formation.