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2.2.10. Mont d'Haurs Formation - MHR

Authors: Bonte & Ricour, 1949; Errera, Mamet & Sartenaer, 1972; Preat & Tourneur, 1991d.
Description: The formation chiefly consists of alternating thick bedded biostromal limestones with stromatoporoids, rugose and tabulate corals and occasionally stringocephalids and mostly thinner bedded micritic limestones. Dolomitic shales and limestones occasionally occur near the top of the lower part and in the middle part of the formation.
Stratotype: South-eastern walls of the Mont d'Haurs fortress, 1km south-east of Givet.
Area: Southern and south-eastern flank of the Dinant Synclinorium, west of the Xhoris Fault and Philippeville Massif.
Thickness: About 160m in the stratotype and along the southern flank of the Dinant Synclinorium; from Hotton on the thickness decreases in north-eastern direction. In the Philippeville Massif only the upper part of the formation is exposed and about 100m thick.
Age: Early Givetian. According to the conodont data from the stratotype section the Mont d'Haurs Fm belongs to the timorensis Zone (= lower part of Lower varcus Zone; Bultynck, 1987).