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1.2.8. Pèrnelle Formation - PER

Author: Godefroid, 1979, 1994.
Description: The formation begins with the first massive sandstone bank overlying the siltstones of the La Roche Formation.  It finishes with the last thick sandstone bank underlying the shales, siltstones and shelly (and also sometimes carbonate) sandstones of the Pesche Formation.  The Pèrnelle formation is mainly made up of massive, green blauw (brownish if weathered) sandstones and quartzitic sandstones, sometimes fossiliferous, separated by thin dark shaly beds.  Locally, the thickness of the dark shales and siltstones increases.
Stratotype: Couvin, Pèrnelle pond, old railway tram trench.
Area: S and SE sides of the Dinant Synclinorium.
Thickness: 39 m at the Pèrnelle pond, about 40 m at Jupille, 45 m S of Grupont, about 60 m in the Meuse valley, 150 at the northern flank of the Halleux Anticline, > 600 m in the Nisramont area.
Age: Late Pragian at the stratotype (Su Subzone of the PoW Oppel Miospore Biozone).