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1.2.4. Saint-Hubert Formation - STH

Authors: Gosselet, 1880a; Mailleux, 1932; Stainier 1994a.
Description: The formations begins above the last green and mottled shales of the Oignies Formation.  At the bottom, green shales with some lenticular beds of pale green quartzites.  At the top, thick mass of light green quartzites.  In between, green shales, frequently cellular, and green or grey green siltstones, sometimes with green, light green or grey green sandstones and quartzites beds.  On the plateaus, the quartzites are often bleached or reddened.
Stratotypes: Saint-Hubert, sections along the Lhomme river and the Namur-Arlon railway track.  The top is outcropping at the Mirwart railway station.
Area: Southern flank of the Dinant Synclinorium; northern part of the Ardenne Anticlinorium.
Thickness: 400 m in the Couvin area, 500 m in the Meuse valley, 500-700 m in the Dochamps area.
Age: Lochkovian/Pragian.  Diachronous character based on miospore zonation.  Younger age in the Couvin area, Pèrnelle section (Z Subzone at the bottom; E Subzone at the top, BZ Oppel Miospore Biozone) and older age in the Saint-Hubert area (Sibto Z Subzones, MN to BZ Oppel Miospore Biozones).