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1.2.18. Solières Formation - SOL

Authors: Maillieux & Demanet, 1929; Hance, Dejonghe & Steemans, 1992
Description:The formation is essentially made up of shales and siltstones with rare sandstones and quartzite interbeds.  Colours are grey, blue grey or blue.  Light colours may also characterize sandstones and quartzites.  Maroon (red) colours are very accessory ones (only a 4 m thick bed of maroon (red) shale occurs at Nonceveux).  The bottom of the formation is fixed, at Nonceveux, below a 0.65 m thick quartzite bed overlying the maroon (red) silstones of the 19th sequence of the Nonceveux Fm.  The top is below the first maroon (red), green or mottled pelites of the Acoz Fm.
Stratotype: The name is from a small excavation situated at Solières locality, in the Ben-Ahin municipality.  A much better stratotype is N of Nonceveux, right bank of the Amblève, along the Remouchamps - Trois-Ponts road.
Area: N of the Dinant Synclinorium, E of Andenne; E of the Dinant Synclinorium, N of the Xhoris fault; in the Vesdre Nappe, W of Stembert.
Thickness: 125 m at Nonceveux, 130 m at Huy.
Age: Lochkovian to Pragian.  Diachronic formation with younger ages to the east (Paaand PabSubzones of the PoW Oppel Miospore biozonation at Solières; E to Su Subzones of the BZ to PoW Oppel Miospore Biozonation in the Pépinster area).