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1.2.17. Nonceveux Formation - NON

Authors: Asselberghs, 1946; Monseur, 1959; Hance, Dejonghe & Steemans, 1992.
Description: Detrital formation with strong sequential character.  At Nonceveux, 19 sequences for a total thickness of 107.6 m are distinguished.  Each sequence is made up of scouring arenaceous rocks at the bottom passing progressively upwards to pelites which are often maroon (red) to the top.
Stratotypes: Nonceveux, right bank of the Amblève; El Fagne locality, Pépinster-Spa railway section.
Area: N of the Dinant Synclinorium, E of Andenne; E of the Dinant Synclinorium, N of the Xhoris fault; Vesdre Nappe, W of Stembert.
Thickness: 102.5 m at Huy, 100 to 120 m at Pépinster, > 107.6 m at Nonceveux.
Age: Diachronic formation from W to E, between Pépinster (Z subzone of the BZ OppelMiospore Biozone = Upper Lochkovian) to Huy (PaaSubzone of the PoW Oppel Miospore Biozone = Pragian).